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Nadkan Chemicals CC was established in 1993 and is a household, Industrial and Automotive chemical manufacturer and supplier, to a variety of industries and hawker trade.

Our business philosophy is to treat our customers and suppliers, with integrity, demand the best quality products and services, whilst continuously striving for very innovative ways to improve our product lines.

The Products: Household, Industrial and Automotive Cleaning chemicals make up our product line, which consists of +- 70 products. Below are to name a few:

WAX – On™ - Floor Polish – 6 Variants
Dish wash Liquid
All Purpose Cleaner
Tyre Polish Tyre gels
  Silicone Dash Treatment
Brass Polish
Aluminum Cleaner
Engine Cleaner
Car Wash and Wax


We have also developed "Econo" product lines which cater for the lower end of the market, with no compromise on quality.

Due to the concentration and unique formulation of Nadkan Chemicals CC product lines and usage according to specification, it allows for very minimal wastage.

Please view our Product Line Gallery for images of our products.

View our Product line Gallery

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